The Importance of Search Engine Marketing: 10 Facts

  1. In a survey by Jupiter Media Matrix, 42% of respondents said they use search engines as the most common way they search for products and services online.

    How Consumers Search for Products Online

    Search Engine
    Store`s URL
    Search Engine Shopping Channel
    Marketing Email
    Internet Ad
    Comparison Bot
    Comparison Site
  2. Search engines are used in all stages of the buying cycle.

  3. Research indicates that 63% of search-related purchases are placed offline in retail stores. This means Search Engine Marketing is important even if a business does not sell items directly on the Internet.

  4. Google has about 49.2% of all searches in July 2007, according to statistics provided by Nielsen/NetRatings MegaView Search.

    Source: NetRating for

  5. Search engine marketing is 6 times more effective than Banner Ads.

  6. Natural Search Results receive over 70% of the clicks. Being in 10th place of a natural search result gets many more clicks than being in the 1st place in paid results on the same page. The cost savings to the business owner compared to Google Adwords and similar programs are enormous.

  7. Position is a factor, with over 60% clicking on the top 3 natural search listings ( the so called “golden triangle”).

  8. 55% of online purchase transactions are made on sites found through search engine listings.

  9. When you are using paid ads like Google Adwords, you are receiving traffic only when you pay for it. After reaching a good natural search engines result, you basically receive “free” targeted traffic.

  10. Natural Search Results won't dim or disappear when a budget runs low or is spread through the day as in Google Adwords. A well optimized and natural search engine site is a day-long, year-round performer.